Are There Health Benefits To Eating Bacon?

If you were asked to describe bacon, you may find yourself using words like “greasy,” “fatty,” or “salty.” You probably wouldn’t use any of these words if someone asked you to describe what healthy foods taste like. But this doesn’t mean that consuming bacon has no benefit to your health.

You’ve likely heard that you should avoid fat altogether, but this would actually be detrimental to your overall health. Your body needs fats, but specifically, the good kind. These fats are called monounsaturated fats, and make up half of the fat contained in a serving of bacon. Bacon is also high in protein, and contains vitamins and minerals essential to health such as vitamin B12, iron, selenium, magnesium, among others.

The infographic below highlights some of the health benefits of eating bacon in a simple and visual way. But be sure to read all the way through! Just like there are health benefits for consuming bacon, there are also risks. Bacon didn’t get it’s bad rap from nowhere! To read more, you can check out this article from Healthline, where much of the data was gathered from in the infographic. Feel free to use the embed link below to share the infographic with someone who may find it useful, or link directly to this article.

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